Jusztina Hermann / Delighters residency

JH image 7Residency at Echo Echo Dance Theatre

18th-25th January 2016

I’ve had a wonderful week long residency, a very creative time at Echo Echo working on the development of the longer version of our piece “Etudes” with Derry based fiddle player Robert Peoples.

However working hard, a week is not a very long time when one is bursting with ideas and challenging boundaries of disciplines. Scheduling was an important part of the work, and I also had the privilege to work with three of the company’s dancers on different aspects of the performance.

I had a very insightful exploratory session with Janie Doherty playing with levels, gaze, tension, rhythm and rediscovering the simplicity of the circle. I worked with Ayesha on leading with the feet, hands and attention, and I applied her exercises to the hoop as well. With Zoe Ramsey I was working on choreographing a floor sequence with the hoop and contemporary dance which became part of the show.

On my own I was working on my hula hoop training from a technical / circus skill aspect, solidifying existing tricks, discovering new balance points and focusing on multi-hoop work, as well as adding character to the movements. I was also working on contemporary dance routines and added the hoop to them later to experiment with the possibilities.

The space provided further opportunities too, like Zoe Ramsey’s contemporary dance class, and I also had a lovely improvisation of African dancing with hoop – inspired and assisted by the drum workshop in the upstairs studio.

For half days I was working with Robert Peoples on the extended version of our show “Etudes” of which a 10 minute version was shown at the Echo Echo Festival in November 2015.

Robert is a bespoke fiddle player who created the original music for the piece and was already part of the performance, but I really wanted to get him moving and discover how we can physically interact with each other while still playing. We started working with contact improvisation, rolling on the floor, shifting our weight onto each other, finding balance points and creating shapes, we even proceeded onto basic partner acrobatic moves. Then we added in the violin. It was challenging and completely new territory for Robert but he grasped it really quickly and we managed to drill a short choreography of the moves while he kept playing continuously and skilfully his freshly composed tango piece.

I was also experimenting with the space applying Linda Farkas’s floor mapping to get out of patterns I’m used to, and use the whole stage. This is a method where lines, circles and spirals are created on the floor and one has to trace these while doing an existing choreography / movement sequence, giving different directions to the movement while keep facing out to the front.

Another new scene is the 4 hoop scene which is about carrying our burdens, our shadow side, which feels like it keeps us trapped but it’s also possible to embrace them and turn them into beauty.

We had a lot of support from everyone at Echo Echo, from admin to tech and the creative crew and I can’t tell how grateful I am for their help and this opportunity. We also had a fantastic work in progress showing of our new extended piece with a very supportive audience who gave us great feedback and showed much anticipation towards our finished piece and our return to Echo Echo later this year with possible workshops and masterclasses. Thank you all who came and supported us on this journey.

It was a very intense and creative week, often painful, the floor felt magnetic and my muscles were sore from training and rehearsing all day, but according to Yael Karavan this is how your body says “Thank you. Thank you for using me.”

Well, I’m filled with gratitude on every level. Thank you Echo Echo.

Jusztina Hermann



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Moving Schools project at Echo Echo

This January saw eight different primary schools from all around Derry come through our doors here at Echo Echo.

The dance workshops are designed to connect Primary Five classes from schools that wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work with each other. The workshops have been led by four ensemble members of the company: Kelly Quigley, Ayesha Mailey, Zoe Ramsey and Janie Doherty.

We have been lucky enough to have live musicians play with us in these workshops, the talented Mark O’Doherty who plays in Ports and the fabulous Rohan Armstrong- band leader from Velvet Alibi.

The project got off to a great start and all the classes are making new friends and busting cool, groovy moves in our studios. Next week they will all come to see our winter fairy-tale ‘Lost in Frost’. Exciting stuff!

Thank you to all the schools for your hard work, energy and enthusiasm over the last couple of weeks.

This project has been supported by Derry City and Strabane District Council Good Relations Fund.

If your school is interested in working with Echo Echo just get in touch on the phone or online!

Mark and Rohan providing beautiful beats and bass for the workshops
Ayesha, Janie, Zoe and Kelly of Echo Echo Ensemble
Pupils from local primary schools taking part at Echo Echo Studios
Pupils from local primary schools taking part at Echo Echo Studios

Mirva Mäkinen weekend worshop in Dublin

Our dear friend and colleague Mirva Mäkinen will lead this Contact Improvisation workshop in Dublin on 29-30 January with Contact Improvisation Ireland.

If you are anywhere on the island and are interested in Contact then don’t miss it!

More information and booking details here.

Mirva and her company of dancers from Finland closed Echo Echo Festival in Derry in November with two immersive and mesmerising performances of their original work, Spherical Space, based on Contact Improvisation. Photos by Living Witness:

These are a few review comments on Spherical Space by Festival audience members

“Beautiful and stunning, Humanity in motion, heavenly, touching.”

“Words can’t explain. It was pure experience and not threatening. Gentle moving amazing.”

“Intensive movement performance. What I enjoyed most of all was the change between fast and slow movement and I could see the ups and downs in life. Brilliant.”




Echo Echo Ensemble to join LUXe in Hong Kong


Echo Echo Ensemble Artists Esther Alleyne, Janie Doherty, Kelly Quigley, Ayesha Mailey and Zoe Ramsey will be joining with our good friends and colleagues at LUXe to celebrate the Chinese New Year at a major international parade in Hong Kong next month. This will be the third time in four years that LUXe have been invited to participate in the huge parade that is viewed by hundreds of thousands on the streets of Hong Kong and millions more on Chinese television.

Local website Donegal Now featured the news this week.




First post

Welcome to the new blog for Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.

We are a dance theatre company based in Derry, Northern Ireland and have existed since 1991.

Echo Echo takes a unique approach to dance and movement art that we call ‘poetic movement’. We create original performance work for a variety of theatre and site-specific settings. We collaborate with and teach people of all ages and abilities in a very wide range of contexts. We host an annual international festival of dance and movement at our new home studios in Derry.

This blog is intended to complement our new company website http://www.echoechodance.com.