Moving Schools project at Echo Echo

This January saw eight different primary schools from all around Derry come through our doors here at Echo Echo.

The dance workshops are designed to connect Primary Five classes from schools that wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work with each other. The workshops have been led by four ensemble members of the company: Kelly Quigley, Ayesha Mailey, Zoe Ramsey and Janie Doherty.

We have been lucky enough to have live musicians play with us in these workshops, the talented Mark O’Doherty who plays in Ports and the fabulous Rohan Armstrong- band leader from Velvet Alibi.

The project got off to a great start and all the classes are making new friends and busting cool, groovy moves in our studios. Next week they will all come to see our winter fairy-tale ‘Lost in Frost’. Exciting stuff!

Thank you to all the schools for your hard work, energy and enthusiasm over the last couple of weeks.

This project has been supported by Derry City and Strabane District Council Good Relations Fund.

If your school is interested in working with Echo Echo just get in touch on the phone or online!

Mark and Rohan providing beautiful beats and bass for the workshops
Ayesha, Janie, Zoe and Kelly of Echo Echo Ensemble
Pupils from local primary schools taking part at Echo Echo Studios
Pupils from local primary schools taking part at Echo Echo Studios

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