An invitation to Echo Echo Parent and Toddler classes – creative movement and play for pre-school children

Echo Echo Full Size (16)

Our parent and toddler classes are ongoing through to June 2016. They aren’t every week and you can come to one, some or all of them.

They are for adults and children aged 4 and under.

The classes offer a lot of freedom to play in movement and, naturally, through this play to develop physical co-ordination, strength and confidence as well as communication abilities. The classes are a great way to introduce your child to joining in with group activities and sharing time and space with others.

Every person’s early movement experience, from womb through birth and into early childhood is fundamentally interactive; a series of duets with mother, other close adults and gradually with other children. In these classes we begin from that fundamental intimacy, we emphasise movement relationships between the adults and the children and give a chance for the parents to remember the pleasure of playing, exploring and expressing oneself in movement, and for the children to enjoy their parents in a time and space that allows their connection to be the focus without distractions of practical tasks, toys or screens. The classes include some copying and some time in a circle, we spin, slide roll, run and they always involve direct physical contact between parent and child; rolling together, climbing, lifting and so on.

We have a very organic sense of discipline and we allow all the participants to find their way through the class as they feel. Generally we have noticed that if the adults do the class fully the children will find their way in and out according to their own attention spans.

We use a variety of music which includes African, Cuban, folk, singer songwriter and gentle electronica.

The classes are normally taught by Echo Echo artistic director, Steve Batts, who has many years of experience of teaching children and adults. Usually he is joined by his four year old daughter Dara who co-teaches with him, showing ways to do the dances and moves together.

If you think you’d enjoy this please do come along to try it out. If you’d like to find out more before coming don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to have a chat.


Echo Echo Parent & Toddler classes

With Steve Batts and Dara

Saturdays 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Continues 30th April; 14th, 21st May; 4th, 18th June

Cost £6/class

Parent feedback from previous Echo Echo Parent & Toddler classes

“My son’s confidence has really benefited, he loves dancing and the big open space to enjoy it.”

“Love being with my child in an open friendly and fun filled environment.“

“I was so afraid to go out with a two year old who is full of beans. Here there is no judgement. Fantastic. Thanks.”

“Approach was perfect for the age group – allowing the kids to join in or out when they needed to.”


Images by Patrick Duddy Photography

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