Body Wisdom reflections ahead of Walk By performances next week

We are very much looking forward to performances on Walk By next week – new performance work created by Echo Echo Ensemble, the Body Wisdom group, and young children from Echo Echo Kids Classes.

Echo Echo and Body Wisdom have been meeting voluntarily in a professional studio context for many months to develop the deep improvisation processes in Walk By under the direction of Steve Batts and accompanied by the hypnotic music of The Necks.

We recently asked some of the Body Wisdom group for their reflections on what the project has meant to them and received some wonderful words…

“the positive effect of movement on people’s cognitive ability, physical health and general wellbeing is undisputed and particularly the type of movement/dance that we do in Body Wisdom has all of us sailing out the door with our endorphins flying!”

“Movement any movement done naturally and with awareness and gratitude for life and the moment given, is graceful enjoyable and self-fulfilling. It’s a positive addiction and great crack. It has a laughter of self-forgetfulness bubbling beneath the surface that, though the spirit of dance cannot be commanded, on some occasions of its own grace rises irrisistibly shaking the body out of its knotty sullennesses. Like water it’s a simple natural thing essential and often overlooked. An expression of the nobility of the human in the prison of her days, where as Wordsworth has it, all the weary weight of this unintelligible world is lightened and where we are taught to be wise  in silent or whispered praise. It’s an honour then to be part of an effort to participate in sharing this often spurned gift.”

My 2 years coming to Body Wisdom have really been a life saver for me, in many ways, which are too personal to share.  One of the things I love about our classes, is that “There is no wrong way “  In life we are often corrected, from an early age we are told we are not doing IT right, whatever it may be, big or small, important or not.  To experience the freedom and permission to do IT my way, to trust my judgement,  is a very powerful positive thing.  It helps me believe I am ok.

Tickets for Walk By are onsale now and available via the Echo Echo website.


Walk By Artwork

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