IN TALL GRASS – images and audience feedback

Echo Echo recently worked with director Alessandra Celesia on a new work commission titled In Tall Grass. Work-in-progress showings were presented at Echo Echo Studios last weekend.

Here are some images from the project, and a short selection of feedback comments received from very warm and appreciative audiences.

We hope to produce and tour In Tall Grass in 2017.


Breathtaking. I don’t usually get moved so easily but this performance really left me thinking.

The best show I have seen in a long time. Touching, funny, beautiful.


I thought it was absolutely enchanting, organic and intimate. Very grateful to have shared in these wonderful memories.

I thought the performance was absolutely incredible. If you judge a show by the emotions it makes you feel, this is the most amazing show ever because it made me laugh and cry and all the feelings in between.


That was the best thing you have ever done (so far).

I’m speechless but I’ll try. Stunning, honest, genuine. This was the most incredible performance. Echo Echo have taken it to another level. Inspiring.


Wow. You guys nearly had me in tears! One of the most touching pieces I have seen in a long time. Beautiful concept and connections between the story, music and dance. Truly inspired.

This has to be the best most emotional piece Echo Echo Ensemble have performed. I felt like I was there with you every moment.


Absolutely loved it! So honest, beautiful, real, from the heart and funny too. Was engrossed throughout and was  brought to tears at times – though smiling through them also.

Beautiful, brave work. Complex and emotive. I thoroughly enjoyed all the performance.


I loved everything about it. It was absolutely beautiful. I had to stop myself from contributing to the conversations during the show because I felt such  a part of it. It was one of the most connected pieces of theatre I’ve ever witnessed.


Extremely beautiful and moving. Made me think about how rich and vibrant everyone’s lives are. The unfathomable depths of all our souls. I felt glad to be alive. To be where I am and live on this earth with all the other people and things. The curtains opening to reveal the night. I’m glad it was raining.

Thanks to Alessandra Celesia, Steve Batts, Ayesha Mailey, Janie Doherty, Zoe Ramsey, Kelly Quigley, Tonya Sheina and Barry Davis.

Thanks to Living Witness for the images.

In Tall Grass was supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland. With thanks to the Tinderbox / ACNI Joint Sectoral Dramaturgy Project.





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