Echo Echo ‘Awakening the Walls’ with LUXe this Halloween weekend

Imaginarium at Ards Forest Park, Earagail Arts Festival

Over the last few years, Echo Echo has developed a very important creative partnership with LUXe. The Echo Echo Ensemble has taken part in a range of processional theatre and landscape theatre events produced by the Donegal based company led by Mark Hill and Mandy Blinco. From Halloween in Derry, to New Year’s Eve in Dublin, to Chinese New Year celebrations in Hong Kong, and many other large-scale public events around Ireland at at Earagail Arts Festival, LUXe productions are consistently high quality and engaging for audiences of all ages.

“LUXe have tremendously enjoyed both the skill and approach of the Echo Echo team that they have joined with on a variety of projects. Initially dancing with our processional sculpture and physical performers in the Hong Kong Chinese New Year International Night Parades and then working together on site-specific Landscape Theatre events at dusk along the beaches and islands of the Donegal Coast. The improvisational skills of the company have helped LUXe build regular successful “Processions of Light” through Dublin city centre heralding in the New Year since 2012 and regularly complement our civic incursions across the country throughout the year. We find that the high creative and improvisational skill level at Echo Echo and the adaptive confidence of the team complements the free and professional approach of LUXe enabling the creation of great beauty in the public arena. We enjoy laying the ground, establishing images and outlining the path with the confidence that our performers have the individual strength and intuitive coordination to bring our world to life with movement and moments of magic.  

It is perhaps interesting to note that LUXe’s connection with Echo Echo was initially sparked by the involvement of our children (now grown) in their dance classes and has developed in the realisation, after working with a variety of over-choreographed dance groups internationally, that the gentle self empowered approach of the Echo Echo team truly complements our own generative approach when creating bespoke performance.” Mark Hill and Mandy Blinco

Imramh Na Gealaí (Journey of the Moon), Árainn Mhór, County Donegal 
Sound of Light Parade, Derry

Echo Echo will be performing with LUXe at Awakening the Walls – a series of performances and installations around the City Walls of Derry – this weekend from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th October through each evening.

See this 2-page programme produced by Derry City and Strabane District Council for full details on Awakening the Walls.

Thanks to LUXe and photographer Mark Loudon for the beautiful images.






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