Esther Alleyne reflects on The Cove

Esther Alleyne in The Cove.jpg
Esther Alleyne in The Cove

In the first of a short series of blogs featuring artists involved in Echo Echo’s production of The Cove, currently on an all Ireland tour, we asked Esther Alleyne to tell us about her experience of the project:

I have been working on The Cove since the initial pilot project Vertical Nature Base six years ago and it has been wonderful to see how The Cove and has evolved and developed into the piece we are now performing. The Cove has allowed me to engage with the landscape around me in different way and changed my view of how I interact with the outdoors. It has been wonderful to perform a piece so many times and a rare opportunity to continue to work on a piece over so many years and watch how both the piece and my own dance practice have developed. I hope we are still performing it in another 6 years!

The Cove is showing in Derry and Thurles later this month, and in Limerick and Dublin in the first week of April. Full tour and booking details at

About Esther Alleyne

Esther Alleyne is a Dance Artist based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.  After graduating from Ulster University Magee with a first class honours degree in Dance in 2011 she was awarded a year long graduate apprenticeship with Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company.

Esther has worked with the company for over five years and performed in Echo Echo productions such as Vertical Nature Base (2011), The Cove (2012), Ludo Lusi Lusum (2014-15) a dance theatre piece aimed at young audiences, and most recently Lost in Frost (2016). Esther played a central role as Production Coordinator for Without by Rosemary Lee and Echo Echo, one of the major dance projects of City of Culture 2013 involving over 500 people.

Esther also teaches a range of classes for all ages and abilities, and choreographs her own work including being commissioned to create a short work in collaboration with colleague Janie Doherty for Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2013. She was recently awarded an Individual Artist Award from the Arts Council NI and used it to research a solo dance project.

Esther also works for a number of other arts companies including being a stage manager for Young at Art, working with other local and international choreographers, and as performer for large-scale outdoor theatre company LUXe – including national and international projects, and most recently at the Clipper Festival 2016 on LUXe’s large-scale Voyage of Sunniva performance on the River Foyle.


Thanks to Erin Shanks, Sarah Bryden, and Simon Alleyne for images.





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