Antonina Sheina “exudes a quiet but irresistible magnetism” in The Cove


Antonina Sheina (centre) with Echo Echo Ensemble in The Cove

Antonina plays a central role in The Cove as the woman who travels through Dan Shipsides’ acclaimed set installation. Antonina reflects on being part of this long-term collaborative production:

“To be able to work on the Cove three times during last six years is an incredible experience. It’s like you visiting a place you know very well, but it’s never the same, and you are never the same. It makes me look at life in a bigger perspective, to feel how loud the immediate experience is, and that it’s constantly disappearing. Reminds me about mortality, that life and death is actually one thing and you just walk on the edge hoping no to slip too soon. Trying not to chase the time but rather letting it to go through, gives me time to see what is around me before it’s gone.”

Jane Coyle writes recently for Culture NI about Antonina’s performance in The Cove:

“When Antonina Sheina’s Woman awakes and joins them in their mysterious odyssey, the touch paper is lit under the performance. Sheina is a classically trained actor from Russia and exudes a quiet but irresistible magnetism. Inspired by the fearless instincts of her companions, she too spreads her wings, looks up into the sky and, with the sun warm on her face, becomes a part of their community, sharing the joy and determination of attaining the lofty plateau upon which they can relax and revel.”

The Cove is showing in Derry this Saturday 25th March and Thurles on 31st March, and in Limerick and Dublin in the first week of April. Full tour and booking details at

Antonina Sheina - image by Barry Davis

About Antonina Sheina

Antonina Sheina originally studied acting in at the Russian University of Theatre Arts in Moscow. She then worked in the Moscow Malaya Bronnaya Repertoire Theatre for four years until 2011 when she moved to Ireland and joined Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company where she now regularly performs, teaches and directs work.

Tonya has been part of Echo Echo Ensemble since 2011 devising and performing in a wide variety of artistic projects including Feel of Play (2012), Without (2013), Open House (2013), Ludo Lusi Lusum (2014), creating/directing children’s dance theatre piece Lost in Frost (2015), and Walk By (2016), among many other production and participative projects by the company.

Tonya has worked on several collaborative projects with local and visiting companies and artists including Ulster University’s Old Ground (2014), Spazio Seme’s Cimosa (2015) and Maria Svensson’s solo The Importance of Shepherds (2015) to name but a few. Tonya also performs regularly with LUXe processional and landscape theatre company.


Thanks to Sarah Bryden and Barry Davis for images.




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