Kelly Quigley’s journey to The Cove

Kelly Quigley
Kelly Quigley at premiere of Fractals

Kelly Quigley is an established member of of Echo Echo Ensemble having worked with the company on a very wide range of artistic projects since graduating from Ulster University in 2009.

In 2016 Echo Echo Festival commissioned Kelly to make a new evening of work entitled Fractals, and Kelly successfully crowdfunded the project with the generous support of nearly 70 people and local businesses. Fractals was very warmly received by audiences in Derry and on tour in Sweden:

“Extraordinary, it built to an amazing climax in the last piece after the break. That blew me away. Such fabulous choreography and taut cohesion between the performers.”

“Fantastic performance, as someone who has never been to a performance well this definitely exceeded any expectations I had.”

Kelly reflects on being part of Echo Echo Ensemble in The Cove:

“There’s such a rareness to The Cove and its approach to movement, a delicate line between practical and poetic, a softened distinction between reality and performance… In real time and space we are sitting on, climbing on, moving on, lifting and shifting these robust uncooperative boxes. However, these simple, everyday tasks help us create a mixture of landscapes which can vary dramatically just from where you are in the room. This, coupled with the sound score allow you transport yourself to a rocky beach, or cliffs overlooking the sea. Embodied there, imagining what you can see, taste, smell, hear and touch, is what I love most about The Cove. It has enriched my artistic practice as a dancer so much to be able to work in this way. I have discovered hidden depths to movement/ performance that I never imagined before starting this process and it has shaped the my own work since. I am proud to be have been a part of the process and elated that it is ongoing after 6 years.”

About Kelly Quigley

Kelly Quigley is a First Class BA Dance graduate of Ulster University. She joined Echo Echo Ensemble in 2009 and has been involved as performer, director, co-deviser and writer in a very wide range of productions and tours including Undercurrent (2009-2011), The Feel of Play (2012), Without (2013),  Motion Ensemble (2013), Ludo Lusi Lusum (2014), Lost in Frost (2015/16), In Tall Grass (2016), and Walk By (2016), to name but a few. Kelly was Associate Choreographer of Echo Echo’s widely acclaimed large-scale production The Chess Piece (2010/11) that was awarded a prestigious Inspire Mark of the Cultural Olympiad.

Kelly regularly teaches dance and movement to people of all ages and abilities working in schools, community partnerships, and on Echo Echo’s participation programmes. Kelly has played a leading role in Echo Echo’s award-winning Body Wisdom programme for over-50s who regularly create new performance projects.

The Cove 2017 tour arrives in Dublin for performances at Project Arts Centre on Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April at 7.30pm. Tickets available via the Project Arts Centre website including special double bill offer.

The Cove – photos and audience feedback from Thurles and Limerick


A huge thank you to all at Source Arts Centre, Thurles and at Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick for an excellent weekend of performances. We had some great feedback from audiences there:

“Very enjoyable. By the end of the show I was there – at the cove!”

“Intriguing, beautiful, disciplined.”

“Very moving, it brought me through a kaleidoscope of emotions. I admired the beauty and control with which the dancers moved and the connection between them.”

“I thought the piece was truly excellent – the movement, the colours, the music, the stage. It was really engaging. Well done. More of same please.”

As always many comments about Dan Shipsides acclaimed stage installation which you can read more about here on the Irish Theatre Institute Highlights of Irish Stage and Screen website.

Still a chance to see The Cove in Dublin this weekend at the wonderful Project Arts Centre in the Temple Bar area of the city centre. Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th April at 7.30pm. Check the Project Arts website for special double bill ticket offer.

The Cove set by Dan Shipsides
Steve Batts’ final directions for The Cove

Thanks to Barry Davis for photos.