Poetic Movement Intensive Week begins today


A very warm Echo Echo welcome to artists, friends and colleagues from near and far who arrived in Derry yesterday and today for our Poetic Movement Intensive Week with Steve Batts, Echo Echo Ensemble and Body Wisdom.


“The idea of Poetic Movement acts as a way to re-focus dance away from attention to the body and its sculptural and/or private experiential  aspects towards an interest in people, movement, grammar, syntax and the processes by which we can create and understand meaning.


It moves the attention away from the strong dichotomy of dancers as objects or subjects towards seeing dance as a medium of deep communication. This is a core idea, reference point and theme in Echo Echo’s practice.


Exploring dancing through the lens of ‘Poetic Movement’ can offer an interesting challenge to mainstream ways of learning to dance, making dances and talking about dance.


It can help us to understand the way that the assumptions we make about what dance is and can be, and our habitual ways of thinking and talking about it are often very limiting both at the level of individuals engagement as audiences and participants but also for the development of the art form itself.”


Steve Batts, Echo Echo Artistic Director



Thanks to Boris Leontyev for the photos.



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