New work in progress by Gemma Walker and Tonya Sheina


We’re delighted to welcome Gemma Walker back to Echo Echo Studios to begin development of a new project after an artistic research residency during 2017 and two fantastic Makeyuppers performances in the Studios last December.

Gemma will be working with Tonya Sheina of Echo Echo Ensemble to develop a new production from their research collaboration last year:

In May of last year Tonya and I were able to work together for 3 weeks exploring movement with text thanks to Individual Artists funding through Arts Council NI. We unearthed some very interesting material through this process and so have continued developing a new piece of work. What I love about it is that it is about many things and nothing in particular. It is about our relationship with fear and how it is an ‘ancient and otherworldly’ feeling. It is about memory and imagination. It is partly autobiographical and deeply personal but also universal. It is about the ghosts we carry with us and how we can sometimes be ghosts in our own lives.

The other day we mapped out all of the material and now have a first draft of a script! It’s starting to feel like a real show and we cannot wait to share it later this year.

Keep an eye on the Echo Echo website for performance details coming soon…

If you are interested in the Residency Programme at Echo Echo Studios please get in touch by email.




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