Festival Blog – Wonderful World by Collective B


Opening Event Echo Echo Festival 2019


So, 2019 Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement has begun!

Last night was an intense treat. Collective B presented WONDERFUL WORLD; an exceptionally committed and disciplined work. The long gestation and creation period of the piece shows in the sense that everything extraneous has been removed. Everything in it reinforces the world the performers create and everything feels like it emerges from a very clear source. The feeling is that everything makes uncomfortable sense, in spite of the absurdity and grotesqueness. That world is a distressing one, for sure, but the humour and control in the performance makes it possible to stick with it until the release, or transformation, which arrives at the very end.

Watching yesterday I realised how deeply musical this piece is. I mean that in a way that goes well beyond the observation of the skill and control of the three musicians playing Bass Clarinet, Percussion and Violin. The costume and mise-en-scene indicates a theatrical, perhaps expressionist, genre but the timing of the action, the use of repetition, the particular lengths of waiting between events all have a feeling of being driven by an intensely musical sensibility. The result of this is that the world created, and the journey the audience are invited on through it, have compositional integrity which induced an interesting experience of dissonance. On one side were feelings of tension and discomfort in relation to the themes, images and relationships presented. On the other the feeling of being able to “go with” the invitation to that world because of the sense of security and trust that compositional integrity of the work allowed.

You can see WONDERFUL WORLD again tonight at 8pm at Echo Echo Studios.

Details and full festival programme at www.echoechodance.com

Steve Batts

Echo Echo Artistic Director


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